[Gdal-dev] More problems compiling under VS.NET 2003

Thom DeCarlo t.r.decarlo at larc.nasa.gov
Tue Apr 5 17:43:36 EDT 2005

Thanks Frank. That fixed it.

Thom DeCarlo
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> From: Frank Warmerdam 
> Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 5:35 PM
> To: Thom DeCarlo
> Cc: gdal-dev
> Subject: Re: [Gdal-dev] More problems compiling under VS.NET 2003
> Thom,
> Try adding STDCALL=YES in your nmake.opt and then do a full
> clean build.  I am in the midst of lots of changes related to
> making some C entry points have STDCALL conventions but
> I hadn't updated the nmake.opt with the right defaults.  The
> changes is in CVS now or you can manually update yours.
> Best regards,

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