[Gdal-dev] Link errors with Ilwis in MS dotnet SDK

Delfos, Jacob jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
Wed Apr 13 23:04:05 EDT 2005

Hi List,

When trying to compile using the CVS version of April 13, I get some errors
about "ilwiscoordinatesystem.obj". I have tried to remove it from the
makefile.vc, which results in it compiling at least to the stage of the DLL
(which is all I need).

Unfortunately, the DLL doesn't quite seem to work, because php_mapscript_44
won't load. When using "depends.exe", I get this error:
Error: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing export
function in an implicitly dependent module.
It shows gdal12.dll in red, although running "depends" on gdal12.dll itself
gives no errors.

Can anyone tell me whether "Ilwis" is essential, or what else the problem
could be? Using the same platform, I previously compiled a working DLL

The link errors I get if I keep Ilwis included are:

msvcprt.lib(msvcp71imp.obj) : error LNK2005: "class
std::basic_istream<char,struct std::char_traits<char> > & __cdecl st
d::operator>><char,struct std::char_traits<char>,class std::allocator<char>
>(class std::basic_istream<char,struct std::
char_traits<char> > &,class std::basic_string<char,struct
std::char_traits<char>,class std::allocator<char> > &)" (??$?5
DU?$char_traits at D@std@@V?$allocator at D@1@@std@@YAAAV?$basic_istream at DU?$char_
traits at D@std@@@0 at AAV10@AAV?$basic_string at DU?
$char_traits at D@std@@V?$allocator at D@2@@0@@Z) already defined in


msvcprt.lib(msvcp71imp.obj) : warning LNK4006: "class
std::basic_istream<unsigned short,struct std::char_traits<unsigned
 short> > & __cdecl std::getline<unsigned short,struct
std::char_traits<unsigned short>,class std::allocator<unsigned sh
ort> >(class std::basic_istream<unsigned short,struct
std::char_traits<unsigned short> > &,class std::basic_string<unsig
ned short,struct std::char_traits<unsigned short>,class
std::allocator<unsigned short> > &,unsigned short)" (??$getline@
GU?$char_traits at G@std@@V?$allocator at G@2@@std@@YAAAV?$basic_istream at GU?$char_
traits at G@std@@@0 at AAV10@AAV?$basic_string at GU?
$char_traits at G@std@@V?$allocator at G@2@@0 at G@Z) already defined in
ilwiscoordinatesystem.obj; second definition ignored
   Creating library gdal_i.lib and object gdal_i.exp
MSVCRT.lib(cinitexe.obj) : warning LNK4098: defaultlib 'libc.lib' conflicts
with use of other libs; use /NODEFAULTLIB:li
gdal12.dll : fatal error LNK1169: one or more multiply defined symbols found
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'link' : return code '0x491'



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