[Gdal-dev] MEM -- In Memory Raster Datasets

Reiner Beck r.beck at m4com.de
Tue Mar 8 05:57:35 EST 2005

Hello List,

playing around with the In Memory Raster datasets I found a few issues:

- The example in the documentation reads "MEM::DATAPOINTER...", it 
should be "MEM:::DATAPOINTER...". One additional colon.
- DATATYPE keyword: The documentation states "Name of the data type, as 
returned by GDALGetDataTypeName() (eg. Byte, Int16)". This does not 
work. In "frmts/mem/memdataset.cpp" the integer value of the enumeration 
"GDALDataType" is used (i.e. "1" for Byte).
  The example should read 
- The constructor "MEMDataset::Open(...)" seems to leak the papszOptions 
as returned by "CSLTokenizeStringComplex()". It is not free'd in case of 
success with "CSLDestroy( papszOptions )".

Using gdal-1.2.6b3 which built fine on Suse 9.1, Kernel 2.6.5.

Best regards
Reiner Beck

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