[Gdal-dev] possible ogr2ogr memory leak

Rhys Ickeringill rhysi at omnilink.com.au
Mon Mar 21 22:59:07 EST 2005

Hi all.

I'm not sure, but I think I may have found a memory leak in ogr2ogr or one
of its' I/O drivers. Since I can't post the dataset publically I'll have to
debug this myself, and so I'd just like to confirm the behaviour described
really is incorrect.

During conversion of a large (~1Gb / 3 million record) MapInfo TAB file,
memory usage peaked at around 0.5Gb. No coordinate system transformations
were requested. Unless I have an almost impossibly complex geometry, this
seems like abnormal behaviour to me. The command line was:

ogr2ogr -f postgreSQL -lco DIM=2 -nln Roads -nlt MULTIPOLYGON -select
"Road_Name,Road_Type" PG: "ROADS.TAB"

Do people agree that this sounds like abnormal behaviour? The only reason I
can think that this would be expected is if the MITAB driver deliberately
keeps records it has fetched loaded indefinately. Is this the case?

Thank you for your thoughts,


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