[Gdal-dev] Opening E00 files

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Nov 1 12:40:48 EST 2006

Devon Noonan wrote:
> Here is my situation; I originally used the ogrinfo utility to see if there
> was support for the E00 sections that I am looking for. It opened the file
> (not a binary source but a single e00 file) and gave me the sections back.
> Excellent, no problems here. Now I have integrated it in to my program and
> tried to open a file, it continually tells me that the file could not be
> opened. I used the RegisterOGRAVCBin() call to initialize the driver. When
> the driver tries to open the file it throws the error. Do I need to call in
> to the AVC library before or after I try to open the file?
> Any help would be appreciated!


I'm sorry for not answering this earlier.  I was a bit uncertain about how
this works, and I thought perhaps Craig had covered things.

 From an inspection what I see is that there is one driver - AVCBin.  It
now supports both E00 and binary coverages.

I have removed the commented out e00 register call in ogrregisterall.cpp
in cvs just now.

Unfortunately, none of this answers why you aren't able to open the e00
files, since RegisterOGRAVCBin should be sufficient.

Is it possible that you are using a different build of OGR for your
program than was used in FWTools?  FWTools is build from the current
development versions.  For instance E00 support was not in GDAL 1.3.2.

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