[Gdal-dev] GDAL and Python

Howard Butler hobu at iastate.edu
Thu Nov 2 15:41:46 EST 2006

At 02:08 PM 11/2/2006, Christopher Barker wrote:
>Howard Butler wrote:
>>The "old-gen" GDAL bindings do not have support for numpy.  I will 
>>be looking into supporting this in the "next-gen" GDAL  Python 
>>bindings in the next couple of weeks.
>Great to hear! Make sure you keep this list updated for help -- I 
>have little time, but would love to help, with testing if nothing else.
>Also as a note, that besides specific numpy support, support for the 
>"array interface" would be nice -- nothing but num* uses it now, but 
>I do think that's changing.

Is the "array interface" something that's hoped to be in Python 
proper in the near to distant future?  I'm not aware of what this is...

>By the way, while you're at it, I hope you have a chance to 
>re-structure the the python binding are installed. Dumping 
>everything into site-packages is pretty messy -- it should all be a 
>a single gdal package.

Arranging things into a "package" is something I've wished for GDAL 
for quite a while.  The problem is that there are an unknown number 
of legacy things out there dependent on gdal.py and ogr.py and the 
way they import.  Re-arranging the deck chairs at this point could 
cause a lot of misery.  I don't know how we approach this other than 
to write and RFC, pass it, and just do it.

>That being said, you can use the binding fairly effectively with 
>numpy anyway, not directly, but by dumping data into numpy arrays 
>with numpy.fromstring and ReadRaster and the like.
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