[Gdal-dev] GDAL and Python

Howard Butler hobu at iastate.edu
Thu Nov 2 17:07:46 EST 2006

At 03:45 PM 11/2/2006, Christopher Barker wrote:
>Is the plan for GDAL to depend on numpy? If so, then methods that 
>return  batches of data can return numpy arrays, which conform to 
>the array interface, and could be used by other libs that understand 
>that, so it's no big deal.

Is numpy "the winner" in the sense that numeric, numarray, etc have 
fallen to the wayside as far as developer momentum and general 
use?  I don't follow these communities close enough to know.  I think 
going forward, GDAL only wants to support one array library, and the 
array interface stuff looks like a great way to do it.  As of right 
now, there's nothing for the next-gen Python bindings, so if I'm able 
to get a numpy interface going, that's probably as far as it would go 
unless someone else steps in and develops something else.

>Aren't there going to be API changes anyway? editing import 
>statements is a very minor task.
>>I don't know how we approach this other than to write and RFC, pass 
>>it, and just do it.
>Nor do I. I say if you're writing the code, you have a lot of 
>freedom to  structure it the way you want.

The next-gen Python bindings are deliberately consistent with the 
old-gen ones.  API changes between the two are minimal to 
non-existent.  The biggest missing piece has been the 
numpy/numeric/numarray support, which for lots of people is a very 
key piece of missing functionality.  I hope to close this gap.

As far as the imports and package structure, I agree its impact is 
probably minimal, but some might find the churn annoying nonetheless.


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