[Gdal-dev] RFC 3: GDAL Commiter Guildlines

Marek Brudka mbrudka at aster.pl
Sat Nov 4 05:17:34 EST 2006

Hi Daniel,

    Mess is somehow subjective term, however in a sense SVN allows to 
control it easily . To be more specific:

1. Tags and different than branches on semantical level, though they are 
just folders from svn point of view. Stable releases, milestone etc. are 
tags and by SVN convention enter *tags* folder only.

2. Branches are not related with tags, though some stable releases can 
be prepared in branches.

3. SVN guide proposes to create three main folders: *trunk*, *tags* and 
*branches*. It does not forbid to create some additional ones. If one 
wants to distinct between "private" and "public" branches, though for me 
this is at least questionable, then svn admin may easily create folder 
eg. *experimental*.


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