[Gdal-dev] Extracting subimage in GDAL

Ozy Sjahputera sjahputerao at missouri.edu
Mon Nov 6 15:17:02 EST 2006


I am new to GDAL so I apologize if this topic has been discussed 
before.  I used Google to search for several key words -- like 
"subimage" -- in the list archives.  The only one I found to be close is 
this: http://lists.maptools.org/pipermail/gdal-dev/2004-May/002776.html 
where Frank pointed out the use of GDAL utility gdal_translate() to 
extract sub-images.

I need to extract subimage by specifying the new UL and LR coordinates 
(in UTM).  I understand that gdal_translate with -projwin option can do 
this.  However, I need to do this as a function call within a CPP 
program.  Is there a function in GDAL library that is equivalent to the 
utility gdal_translate?  Or where can I find the source code for 
gdal_translate if I want to learn more about how gdal_translate is 



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