[Gdal-dev] Memory Leak? OGRGeometryFactory::forcetoMultiPolygon

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Nov 13 12:57:12 EST 2006

Craig Miller wrote:
> Is there any cleanup code necessary when working with
> OGRGeometryFactory::forceToMultiPolygon?
> The following snippit appears to cause a leak:
> pDstFeature->SetGeometryDirectly(
> OGRGeometryFactory::forceToMultiLineString(pDstFeature->StealGeometry()));
> And just to verify that it wasn't the StealGeometry/SetGeometryDirectly
> portion I verified that replacing the above code with this does not leak:
> pDstFeature->SetGeometryDirectly( pDstFeature->StealGeometry());


I have reviewed the code, and it appears that there is a memory leak when
the input is a simple OGRLineString.  I have applied the following patch
in CVS.

@@ -809,7 +806,7 @@
          return poGeom;

      OGRMultiLineString *poMP = new OGRMultiLineString();
-    poMP->addGeometryDirectly( poGeom );
+    poMP->addGeometry( poGeom );

      return poMP;

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