[Gdal-dev] Problem : Building GDAL for windows CE

kiruba nantham kkirubanantham at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 14 00:20:43 EST 2006

    Hello Mr.  Mateusz,         
                                                          I am sorry to disturb you again and  again, when you are busy.
              Now I am building gdal-cvs-2006.11.13  I have copied all the required headers and libraries to gdal-cvs-2006.11.13  folder. Then I started to build gdal-cvs-2006.11.13 from command  prompt but now it’s throwing this error fatal error LNK1112: module machine  type ‘X86’ conflicts with target machine type ‘ARM’.
             If I  build gdal-cvs-2006.11.13 (evc4_gdalce_dll.vcw workspace) using  EVC++ 4.0. I am getting gdalce_evc4.dll but when I am building gdal-cvs-2006.11.13  source I am getting 130 warnings
  Warnings  are:
     Warning C4530: C++ exception handler used,  but unwind semantics are not  
                            enabled. Specify –GX.
     Warning C4275: non dll-interface class  'std::basic_string<char,struct 
                            std::char_traits<char>, class  std::allocator<char> >' used as 
                             base for dll-interface class  'CPLString'.
           These two warnings are repeating and
  Linker  Warnings are:
     mitab_feature.obj: warning LNK1166: cannot  adjust code at offset=0x00001000,                                rva=0x0001C7DC.
     mitab_feature_mif.obj: warning LNK1166:  cannot adjust code at 
                                offset=0x00001000, rva=0x000326C0
     ogr_srs_proj4.obj: warning LNK1166: cannot  adjust code at   
                                offset=0x00001000, rva=0x000947D0
     ogrspatialreference.obj: warning LNK1166:  cannot adjust code at 
                                offset=0x00001000, rva=0x000C5794
            And also when it is connecting to emulator it’s prompting  this error (The intel 80486 CPU does not support configuration evc4_gdalce_dll-Win32  (WCE ARMV4) Debug! Executable will not run on device. Continue?) If I give OK  to continue it is building this gdalce_evc4.dll but it is of no use.  Please can you tell me how to solve this?
  Thank  you,
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