[Gdal-dev] gdalinfo on JP2 uses 100% of RAM, then crashes

Patton, Eric epatton at nrcan.gc.ca
Fri Nov 17 13:31:52 EST 2006

Thanks, Frank. I have just installed the ER Mapper ECW SDK; what is that proper configure line to include it?

Something like

--with-ecw (?)

Will gdal pick the 'best' driver for importing JP2 files, or do I have to uninstall the jasper libraries then recompile so it only uses the ecw driver?


~ Eric.



In my experience the JasPer based driver uses a lot of memory.  It
the whole image into memory to access it, but in my experience it
uses on the order of 10x the memory required to hold the *uncompressed*
image during the decoding process.

I would guess your image is non-trivial in size, and that the driver is
running out of memory during decoding.

I would discourage use of the JasPer based driver except for "consumer
images" (ie. from your digital camera) - the task for which the library
was intended.

I would suggest building with the ECW SDK instead for reasonably
jpeg2000 support that will scale up to very large image sizes.

Best regards,


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