[Gdal-dev] gdalinfo on JP2 uses 100% of RAM, then crashes

Patton, Eric epatton at nrcan.gc.ca
Fri Nov 17 12:00:05 EST 2006

I'm trying to convert  JP2 to GTiff format. Before I use gdal_translate for this, I just want to see the projection info for the JP2. Running gdalinfo on the JP2 causes RAM usage to increase to 100%, soon after which "killed" is printed to the command prompt.

I can see that JPEG2000 is among the supported formats in my GDAL 1.3.2 installation:

$ gdalinfo --formats | grep JPEG
JPEG2000 (rw): JPEG-2000 part 1 (ISO/IEC 15444-1)

I installed the jasper-1.701-1.uuid.tar.gz package, and it seemed to install without errors. However, the GeoJP2 support is conspicuously absent from my compile output:

LIBJPEG support:   internal
KAKADU support:    no
JASPER support:    yes (GeoJP2=no)

Could that be the problem? If so, is there anything else I need to do during ./configure to enable this functionality?

~ Eric.

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