[Gdal-dev] -spat switch in ogr2ogr

Brian Timoney brian at thetimoneygroup.com
Tue Oct 24 01:28:28 EDT 2006


At the risk of disproving the adage that the only dumb question is the 
one left unasked, I'm having some trouble applying the -spat switch 
using ogr2ogr from the command line.

I have a table of US cities in PostGIS called..."cities" in lat/long NAD 
83 (EPSG:4269)

I want to pull cities from the middle of the country from a BBOX of  
(-114,30,-100,45) and throw them into a new shapefile.

So I hazarded...

ogr2ogr mid_city.shp PG:'dbname=mydb user=me' cities -spat '-114 30 -100 45'

No dice (empty shapefile).  There are 75+ features that fall inside the 
bounding box.

I've also tried double quotes and no quotes around the xmin ymin xmax 
ymax values.

Converting the table using other switches works fine.

Any tips, including what should have been blindingly obvious, are 



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