[Gdal-dev] -spat switch in ogr2ogr

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Oct 25 00:20:23 EDT 2006

Brian Timoney wrote:
> All:
> At the risk of disproving the adage that the only dumb question is the 
> one left unasked, I'm having some trouble applying the -spat switch 
> using ogr2ogr from the command line.
> I have a table of US cities in PostGIS called..."cities" in lat/long NAD 
> 83 (EPSG:4269)
> I want to pull cities from the middle of the country from a BBOX of  
> (-114,30,-100,45) and throw them into a new shapefile.
> So I hazarded...
> ogr2ogr mid_city.shp PG:'dbname=mydb user=me' cities -spat '-114 30 -100 
> 45'
> No dice (empty shapefile).  There are 75+ features that fall inside the 
> bounding box.
> I've also tried double quotes and no quotes around the xmin ymin xmax 
> ymax values.


It should work with:

  ogr2ogr mid_city.shp PG:'dbname=mydb user=me' cities -spat -114 30 -100 45

Would it be fair for me to guess that the following works fine?

  ogr2ogr mid_city.shp PG:'dbname=mydb user=me' cities

So if my suggested approach (no quotes on -spat argument) doesn't work, then
I'm at a bit of a loss.  I guess I'd have to actually test things at my end!

By the way, you might want to set the CPL_DEBUG environment variable to ON.
This will produce various debug output of the actual SQL being sent to
postgis.  This might give clues.

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