[Gdal-dev] bug: gdalwarp producing larger files than no compressionat all

Ed McNierney ed at topozone.com
Thu Feb 1 16:40:11 EST 2007

Matt -

For any compression algorithm there are some data sets which will end up
being larger than uncompressed (or at least no smaller).  It is entirely
possible that the LZW compression of that file doesn't work well (LZW
isn't great for photographs, for example).

Did you try using:

	geotifcp -c lzw tr_no-comp_pix-int.tif gw_lzw-pix-rb-new.tif

To see what happens if you try to convert the uncompressed TIF to
LZW-compressed using geotifcp?  That will tell you whether there's
actually a real problem here or not.  I don't know what strip size
(rows/strip, the -r parameter to geotifcp) GDAL uses, so you may not get
identical results.  You might also try

	geotifcp -c lzw -r 1 tr_no-comp_pix-int.tif

for comparison.

	- Ed

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Dear GDAL,

gdalwarp (fwtools 1.1.4, win32) when using combinations of resampling,
pixel interleave and compression is producing files which are larger
than if no compression at all is used, up to twice as large.

    gdalwarp -co compress=lzw -co interleave=pixel -rb \
      source.tif gw_lzw-pix-rb.tif

    gdal_translate -co compress=none -co interleave=pixel  \
      gw_lzw-pix-rb.tif tr_no-comp_pix-int.tif


    328,390 source.tif
    524,786 gw_lzw-pix-rb.tif
    328,274 tr_no-comp_pix-int.tif

I files a bug with more info and data samples at

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