[Gdal-dev] RE: Urgent help needed with image conversion for the Jim Gray search

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Friends - can I use gdal_translate to convert 11bit geotiff to jpeg? Can you tell me the command line arguments?


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Subject: Urgent help needed with image conversion for the Jim Gray search

As you guys may know computer science icon Jim Gray disappeared at sea last Sunday, and the Coast Guard has not been able to find any trace. It is a complete mystery.
We have started an effort to find him by getting access to satellite data with the intention to load it into Mechanical Turk, the turk team has worked deep into the night to make this happen. 
We have however hit an obstacle to which we have no answer: the image format is 16 bit panchromatic with on 11 bits used for data (tiff). If you view this in a regular viewer it will be pitch black. We'll need to run a conversion similar to what is described here:
http://www.eurimage.com/products/qb_photoshop/photoshop.html <http://www.eurimage.com/products/qb_photoshop/photoshop.html> 
to get the images into a spectrum that is usable.
Does any of you know of any automated tools or procedures that can make this happen?
Some of the images can be found at: internal/~deflaux/JimGray
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