[Gdal-dev] writing jasper JPEG2000 files

br br at forstware.de
Sat Feb 3 08:29:07 EST 2007


I have compiled gdal and ogr (newest checked out via svn) successfully,
using MS VC 8 with JASPER and MrSid (reading) support.

Things seemed to work until I tried something like
gdal_translate -of JPEG2000 x.jpg y.jp2 
The progress counting at went until 100 was reached and then the program
crashed (release version build with /MD flag)

Then I wanted to debug to the problem,
but ran into an exception already when CPLFree(pszFileSpec) was called in
CPLReadDir() called from GDALAllRegister() (due to a corruption of the
I could not spot the reason until now.

Does someone have an idea?


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