[Gdal-dev] FeatureDefn.getGeometryType and actual geometry type

Andrea Aime aaime at openplans.org
Sun Feb 4 16:56:49 EST 2007

Frank Warmerdam ha scritto:
> Andrea Aime wrote:

> Well, i'm not a huge fan of "adding more flags to control..." such things.

Agreed, after a while the code becomes a maze of ifs and special case 

> Perhaps though we could or should add a config option to enforce
> rigerous geometry typing and then ensure it is enforced for all drivers.

Yup, that would work for me. I have to prepare a custom gdal build 
anyways since java bindings do not seem to be included in normal

> It isn't necessarily always the case that the only problem is getting
> multi types when expecting non-multi-types.  But that is generally the
> issue.  For now the only way to be certain to be rigerous would be to
> ignore the geometry types and treat all layers as generic geometries.
> But from a practical point of view, I think the shapefile driver
> is the only one likely to trigger problems.  So you could just add
> an exception for it - perhaps forcing everything to the multi types
> in your code.

Well, if special cases are needed just for shapefiles, I just need
to add a little modification. Will try that one, I prefer to publish
real geometry types if possible, and possibly stay with the non 
multi-ones since people are sometimes surprised by them.

Thanks for the insights :-)


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