[Gdal-dev] RawRasterBand -- bIsVSIL

Meek, Allan Allan.Meek at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Mon Feb 5 17:12:30 EST 2007


I'm working on a driver for a single-band raw image that needs large
files support. When I set bIsVSIL in the line below to TRUE, compile
GDAL, and run gdal_translate (or any of the other apps), I get a crash.
The crash occurs regardless of the image size.

            1, new RawRasterBand( poDS, nBand, fpRaw,
                                  nImgOffset, nPixelOffset, nLineOffset,

                                  eDataType, bNativeOrder, bIsVSIL ));

I traced the problem and found that the crash occurs at the first call
to VSIFSeekL in RawRasterBand::Seek().

None of the other raw image formats that have bIsVSIL set to TRUE give
me this trouble. I'm working in Red Hat Linux. Is there some switch I'm
missing, some compile instruction I don't have?

Allan Meek

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