[Gdal-dev] Block size consistency (and SetColorInterpretation() in GTiff)

Ozy Sjahputera sjahputerao at missouri.edu
Wed Feb 7 17:01:24 EST 2007

Thanks for the tip, Frank.

I would like to create an image with 5 bands in the order of: Pan, R, G, 

How would PHOTOMETRIC=RGB affect the band photometric interpretation?  
Can I implement the order above using this parameter?


Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Ozy Sjahputera wrote:
>> Aha, so there is a way to set the photometric interpretation in 
>> GTiff, even if this is to be done during file creation.   Yes, I just 
>> want to give a simple label for the bands in the new GTiff file I 
>> created using Create().
>> I suspect the PHOTOMETRIC=RGB will have to be set in the parameter
>> char **  /papszParmList
>> /in Create()?  Where do I set this parameter?   Where can I find more 
>> details on the format of /papszParmList?/
> Ozy,
> It is a NULL terminated list of strings.  So something like:
>   char *apszParmList[] = { "PHOTOMETRIC=RGB", NULL };
> will do the trick.
> Best regards,

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