[Gdal-dev] gdal_translate and projection help

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Wed Feb 7 23:01:40 EST 2007


I need help with setting the projection -a_srs for gdal_translate. I'm 
trying to goereference a 100k topo map and the collar only says it is a 
Lambert projection and Clarke ellipsoid. It is ulx=35.433333, uly=34.75, 
lrx=36.0, lry=34.25. The map is circa 1970 of Lebanon and the collar is 
in French if that helps.

I looked through the Proj.4 EPSG file but didn't find any likely 
candidate. Their were some similar to my area are EPSG:3200 and 
EPSG:24600 if the lon_0 were tweaked to be closer.

Any ideas on what to do here?
Is it as simple as -a_srs 'proj=lcc ellps=clrk80'

Unfortunately, if it unlikely that I can get more information about the 
topo image.


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