[Gdal-dev] WMS support in GDAL?

Alexandre Leroux alexandre.leroux at ec.gc.ca
Fri Feb 9 14:20:02 EST 2007

Hi list,

Tried to google the answer but wasn't able to find clues (even if this 
was doubtlessly previously discussed). Will there eventually be WMS 
support within GDAL itself? Would developing such a driver make sense 
(considering a WMS layer is static and not much can be done with it 
other than displaying it)?

Have great weekends,


Alexandre Leroux, M.Sc., Ing.
Environnement Canada / Environment Canada
Centre météorologique canadien / Canadian Meteorological Centre
Division de la réponse aux urgences environnementales /
Environmental Emergency Response Division
alexandre.leroux at ec.gc.ca

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