[Gdal-dev] negative nodata value loaded as positive in gdal 1.4.0

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Mon Feb 12 17:24:08 EST 2007

Maciej Sieczka wrote:
> Hernán De Angelis wrote:
>> Today I tried a large number of SRTM tiles, including 1" and 3" as well as  
>> versions 1 and 2 and the problem is still present, so I also came to the 
>> conclusion that it is likely a bug in GDAL. I hope some one else can comfirm 
>> this.
> Hi,
> I think I have found the reason and solution.
> GDAL requires explicitely set "PIXELTYPE SIGNEDINT" in the hdr file to
> treat the EHdr as a singed integer.


After sorting this out with Frank and Markus offlist, r.in.srtm has
been fixed accordingly in CVS.


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