[Gdal-dev] RE: ogr2ogr KML styling

Randy George rkgeorge at cadmaps.com
Wed Feb 14 13:47:40 EST 2007



I am experimenting with kml output for example:


"E:\Program Files\FWTools1.1.3\bin\ogr2ogr" -f KML
D:\CookInlet\Cook-Inlet\test.kml D:\CookInlet\Cook-Inlet\Seismic_lines.shp


The resulting set of kml <Placemark> looks like this:





      <b>DESCRIPTIO:</b> <i>293U-39</i><br />

      <b>SHOTBY:</b> <i>OIL COMPANY</i><br />



-152.11540114261703,60.592063085951288 ...</coordinates></LineString>











This seems fine except that the default linestyle width doesn't show up on
my GoogleEarth view. I can manually add <width>4</width> to correct the
problem, but is there a way to change kml style output in ogr2ogr?


I could resort to a java runtime.exec() with a STDOUT => XMLReader but
wondered if there was a way to merge a style definition file using ogr2ogr.
Perhaps an xslt approach would be better.




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