[Gdal-dev] python ng - existing scripts

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Feb 19 16:27:49 EST 2007

William Kyngesburye wrote:
> So, with the slightly different structure of python wrappers in the 
> NG/SWIG build, does this cause problems for existing python scripts?  
> especially the scripts included in the pymod folder of the source.
> If those scripts are OK, shouldn't they be moved out of pymod and have 
> their own install target?


There are still a few quirks with the existing scripts in pymod (for instance
the use of progress monitors).  But generally they work well with the NG
bindings and yes, they ought to be moved out of the pymod directory and given
their own install target of some sort.

Hopefully we can address this in the GDAL 1.5.0 release when the NG bindings
are expected to become the default python bindings.

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