[Gdal-dev] python ng - existing scripts

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Sun Feb 18 01:06:52 EST 2007

Ah, I thought the NG bindings were a little farther along, I guess.   
I was hoping to switch to the new bindings for my binary framework  
package, but I can wait for 1.5.  Don't want to cause problems for  
others that use my binary packages ^_^

At least I got it built with Python 2.5 (with the patched wrappers)  
and the autotests work with only a couple exceptions.

On Feb 17, 2007, at 6:24 PM, Howard Butler wrote:

> William,
> We have bent over backwards to attempt to preserve backward  
> compatibility between the older and ng python bindings, but there  
> are indeed some differences.  A glaring one that impacts the usage  
> of some of the scripts in /pymod is that some of those depend on  
> Numeric, while the ng bindings only have numpy support.  Most of  
> the method signatures and classes should behave similarly to the  
> older bindings.  There are still a few things that are missing from  
> the ng bindings that will need to be added (mostly GDAL  
> related...OGR is pretty much complete).  I (and no one that I know  
> of) have not actually gone through pymod and done any analysis to  
> see what/where/how things will need to be updated.
> It is my hope that we can have the ng bindings be the default  
> Python bindings for GDAL 1.5, but this goal clearly will require  
> some more effort.  I agree that the utility scripts in /pymod would  
> fit nicely in a /scripts or /bin target of setup.py.  I would also  
> like to someday (optionally) support setuptools.  I desperately  
> feel we need the GDAL python stuff in some sort of namespace as  
> well.  Monkeying with our current layout in that regard is likely  
> to cause lots of churn and annoyance and violates Frank's GDAL rule  
> #1.
> Another heavy user of the older bindings is OpenEV.  IIRC, OpenEV  
> depends on some of the blacker magic in the older _gdalmodule, and  
> significant effort would be required to bring that forward.  Frank  
> can comment more, but I think that this usage was one of the major  
> limiting factors in not making the ng bindings the default thus far.
> In summary, going forward, the ng bindings are going to be the ones  
> seeing continual development and support (especially with other  
> languages like C# and Java driving a lot of the development because  
> the ng bindings opened GDAL up to those languages).  I will let  
> Frank comment more on what he thinks of the situation, but I seem  
> to remember him stating that going forward with the ng bindings as  
> the default Python bindings in 1.5 was something that he was  
> interested in.

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