[Gdal-dev] Transfer the shp file(polygon) into raster data

Lijian Shi lijian.shi at und.nodak.edu
Mon Feb 26 00:42:33 EST 2007



I am using gdal_rasterize to transfer the shp file(polygon) into raster data
but could not get the right result. The gdal_rasterize can not create the
raster data yet so I use a 'geotiff' file which contains the area of shp
file. Am I right? Is there any other program with c or c++ to do this work?
I tried to write the code by myself according to the code of gdal_raterize
but it seems to be difficult to me.


Otherwise, can I do this job with MapServer? If yes, could you please tell
me the procedure roughly?


Best regards,




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