[Gdal-dev] Warping and resampling with gdal in python

Jose Luis Gomez Dans josegomez at gmx.net
Mon Feb 26 07:52:07 EST 2007

I am trying to reproject, resample and subset some files using a Python script. I have noticed that the gdal.py module has some utility members to accomplish this. To achieve this, I have simply used

err = gdal.CreateAndReprojectImage( g_in, f_out,
                             src_wkt = src_wkt, dst_wkt = dst_wkt)

where g_in, f_out and the src and dst wkt have been defined elsewhere. This works well, but ideally, I would like to be able to set the output resolution, and to also subset the original data. While I can do this with VRTs (I think :D), I was wondering what the "official best" :) approach to this is.

Many thanks for your help!
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