[Gdal-dev] Motion: Mailing List Changes

Howard Butler hobu at iastate.edu
Tue Jan 2 13:58:00 EST 2007

At 02:57 PM 12/29/2006, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>  1) To create a gdal-announce at lists.osgeo.org mailing list which is moderated
>     and only used for infrequent GDAL/OGR related announcements such as
>     releases, major bugs, and other major events.

+1.  Would we subscribe all current gdal-dev members to this maillist too?

>  2) To migrate the gdal-dev at lists.maptools.org mailing list to 
> lists.osgeo.org
>     in such a way to preserve existing members, and hopefully preserve
>     settings.


>  3) To create a gdal-commits at lists.osgeo.org mailing list which will be used
>     for SVN commit messages once the SVN transition is complete.


>  4) To appoint Frank Warmerdam as lists administrator for the 
> GDAL/OGR mailing
>     lists.


>I think a gdal announcements lists is necessary.  The gdal-dev mailing list
>is quite high traffic, and I think many users of GDAL who would like to keep
>track of the project at a high level are not willing to subscribe to such
>a high volume list.  This makes it hard to reach such users for review of
>new releases, sponsorship, conference events and so forth.
>I have explicitly not yet suggested a split into gdal-users and gdal-dev
>though that might also be a reasonable action.
>I think migration of gdal-dev to lists.osgeo.org should wait for a few
>weeks to ensure the new lists management is stabilized, but after that I
>think it helps make the affiliation with OSGeo clear.   It will hopefully
>also upgrade us to the version of mailman which has the "discard all
>pending email" option on the administrative page.  Currently it is very hard
>to keep ahead of the administrative load reviewing spams, and emails from
>unsubscribed users - many dozens of messages per day per list I manage.
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