[Gdal-dev] DXF to raster conversion

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Mon Jan 8 11:49:12 EST 2007

Grzegorz Wiktorowski wrote:
> I received DXF file and I need to convert to TIFF format. From description
> of gdal_rasterize it seems to me it does not read DXF file.

You can convert to eg. PS with 'pstoedit', then rasterize this in GIMP
or with ImageMagick's 'convert'.

If you want to edit the data first, there are eg. OO.org Draw or QCAD
that read DXF.

> I didn't find any tool to convert from DXF to OGR vector formats also.

GRASS GIS has v.in.dxf module for DXF import and it can output to any
OGR supported vector with v.out.ogr.

If you go for GRASS, note there it has it's own tool for rasterising -
v.to.rast. Next use r.out.gdal to export into any GDAL supported format.


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