[Gdal-dev] running gdal_translate, gdaladdo, and gdaltindex simultaneously

John Mitchell mitchelljj98 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 11:27:45 EST 2007


I have set up 4 .bat files each which run the following over and over again:
file1.bat                        file2.bat
gdal_translate               gdal_translate
gdal_translate                  gdal_translate
gdaladdo                      gdaladdo
gdaladdo                          gdaladdo
gdaltindex                    gdaltindex
gdaltindex                        gdaltindex

What I would like to do is run all 4 .bat files at the same time so as to
save time, but I am concerned that their may be a conflict since all 4 files
will be running gdaltindex to the same .shp file.  What if say file1.bat and
file3.bat happen to call gdaltindex at the same time will they both fail to
update the .shp file; will only one update the .shp or will both of them
successfully update the .shp file.  Is their any parameter that I should add
when running gdal_translate, gdaladdo or gdaltindex to make it more
efficient or stable?


John J. Mitchell
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