[Gdal-dev] ng-python and makefile.vc

Didrik Pinte dpinte at itae.be
Thu Jan 18 08:38:00 EST 2007


I have two suggestions related to the ng-python bindings.

[1] Concerning HAVE_NUMPY variable in GDAL_SOURCE\makefile.vc.

Today it seems to be a workaround for people that don't have Numeric and
want to compile the old generation bindings with Numeric support. It has
not any link with the numpy package.

Shouldn't this behaviour be changed to :

HAVE_NUMPY=0 : means compiling the old generation python bindings
HAVE_NUMPY=1 : means compiling the new-generation bindings with numpy

This could also provide a way to compile the new bindings and install
them in the GDAL_HOME\pymod directory in place of the old-generation

[2] Is there any interest in adding a line to the python target in
GDAL_SOURCE\swig\makefile.vc so that it installs the python package
after having the package ?

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