FW: [Gdal-dev] gdalwarp: what is wrong with unit foot?

Gennady Khokhorin gok at aerometric-ak.com
Fri Jan 19 13:24:27 EST 2007

I'm not sure my message passed to the list in the first time so I'm resending it again.

Was testing gdalwarp converting images from one coord. system to another and found that using WKT
in form of esri' .prj file is producing Unknown units on result image if .prj contains UNIT["Foot_US", 0.3048].
As a result it is interpreted as a meters and output image seats in wrong position.
Using projections with units Meter is fine.

Command line for the test:
gdalwarp.exe -rn -co "INTERLEAVE=PIXEL" -co "COMPRESS=LZW" -t_srs "ESRI::c:\shared\NAD 1983 StatePlane Alaska 4 FIPS 5004 (Feet).prj" -dstnodata 255 i61147a1_utm.tif i61147a1_asp.tif

Test image i61147a1_utm.tif (36Mb): ftp://aerometric-ak:amak2014@ftp.aerometric-ak.com (gok/ImageProcessing folder)

Could somebody help to setup right flags, please. Or is it PROJ.4 fault?

Thanks in advance,

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