[Gdal-dev] Motion: Adding the SWIG generated files to the SVN repository

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Jan 23 18:09:55 EST 2007

Tamas Szekeres wrote:
>> Note that there are already derived csharp files in subversion, they
>> just haven't been maintained (apparently) and these files are what
>> goes out in nightly snapshots and releases.
> After reviewing the SVN I couldn't find such files in the csharp
> directory. Are you referring to the csharp samples in the /apps
> directory?


I appear to have been mistaken.  The only .cs files I see now
are the examples in the apps directory.  This is a relief.  At
least there aren't out of date files floating around in the release.

>> I find it hugely frustrating trying to build some projects from
>> source control when I end up spending the first hour or two of
>> misery trying to get just the right version of autoconf, automake,
>> libtool, swig, bison, flex, etc installed.  This has contributed to
>> a disinterest on my part in being a developer for some projects
>> (such as GEOS).  I don't want to drive developers away from GDAL
>> with to high a bar to participate.  I'd add the required versions
>> of some of these tools varies from project to project.
> This is the area that I cannot feel in my bones and that't why I've
> started this thread. However setting up a proper environment once
> seems to be a smaller deal than making a number of post development
> steps every time.
> At this phase of the discussion the automated creation of the derived
> files in the release/daily snapshot seems to be more reasonable to me.

Well, keep in mind it involves setting up a proper environment everywhere
a person works.  I, for one, find myself setting up gdal builds on new
machines fairly frequently, or "damaging" old ones to the point I need to
re-setup some things.

Nevertheless, if it is too messy to keep swig output files for csharp
in svn then you don't need to.  It isn't my intention to create work
for volunteers beyond what they are interested in taking on.

At some point we should look into ensuring the swig generated files do
get into the snapshots.  Basically this means something has to be done
to the mkgdaldist.sh script, and we have to make sure the appropriate
version of swig is on systems where it is run (such as www.gdal.org).

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