[Gdal-dev] gdal_rasterize for World Vector Shoreline (WVS) data

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Jan 23 18:40:10 EST 2007

John Mitchell wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to try gdal_rasterize to convert World Vector Shoreline 
> (WVS) data into raster data.  I am hoping that this will speed up 
> performance when viewing this data within MapServer.  In the 
> documentation is says "Currently gdal_rasterize cannot create new output 
> files though that may be added eventually".  I don't want to merge WVS 
> with an existing raster layer, but have its own layer.  How can I create 
> a blank geotiff that I can use as output for this rasterized WVS data?


This may seem odd, but I've often created a blank file to work in
with gdal_translate from some existing file.  I use "-scale 0 100 0 0.01"
to essentially force all the pixels to zero and switches like -a_ullr
and -a_srs to set the bounds and coordinate system.

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