[Gdal-dev] src/dstnodata not effective for indexed colour

Ed McNierney ed at topozone.com
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Matt -

It isn't possible for me to test this right now, but I would expect that
for your indexed input file your -srcnodata value would be the INDEX
value you want to be treated as "no data", rather than the RGB value
associated with that index value.

     - Ed

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When using gdalwarp source and destination nodata parameters on an RGB
image one can remap the values (e.g. change nodata from 255,255,255 to
0,0,0 or 255,0,0 or ...). This doesn't appear to work with indexed
colour images. Is this by design, a bug, or just not implemented?

# this works, pixels which are 255 (white) in input # will be 150 (grey)
in output gdalwarp -srcnodata "255 255 255" -dstnodata 150 rgb.tif

# doesn't work, source values of 255 (white) remain unchanged in output
gdalwarp -srcnodata "255 255 255" -dstnodata 150 indexed.tif


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