[Gdal-dev] CPG Format

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Jan 29 17:50:22 EST 2007

Meek, Allan wrote:
> This change allows me to read larger files in Linux with gdalinfo.
> However, when I try to read larger files in Solaris, gdalinfo gives me a
> segmentation fault (with no core dump). I am able to read smaller files
> with this version of gdalinfo.
> Is there a particular reason why VSIStatL is causing these crashes in
> Solaris? Is there any way to increase the filesize limit for the CPG
> driver that would work in both Linux and Solaris?


There are some additional changes to cpgdataset.cpp that would be
required for proper support for large files.  Basically all the VSI*
functions should be VSI*L, and there is a flag to the RawRasterBand
constructor indicating whether the file handle is "large" or not.

I have no idea why you are having a crash in the VSIStatL() call, but
I do vaguely recall some sort of issue with large files on Solaris in
December, and some sort of fix was applied.  But I can't work out now
where that change was or if it might apply to your problem.  Are you
doing this work on GDAL 1.4.0?

I'd encourage you to submit a bug report for the large PolGASP files
and either attach your patch, or if not I'll prepare a patch and you
can test it.

Tracking down the Solaris problem could be ... harder.

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