[Gdal-dev] Patch to build libecwj2-3.3.tar.gz with GCC 4.1

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Thu Mar 1 17:36:02 EST 2007

Jean-Claude Repetto wrote:
> Where did you get libecwj2-3.3.tar.gz ? On the ERMapper site you can 
> download libecwj2-3.3-2006-09-06.zip, that I could compile without 
> problems with GCC 4.1.1.

Doh! libecwj2-3.3.tar.gz is an old archive that we had here and that we 
use with FGS. I went to the ER Mapper site to look for a newer release 
earlier today but the website said that the latest was version 3.3 
(http://www.ermapper.com/Downloads.aspx?v=315) so I didn't bother 
downloading it since I thought I already had 3.3.

Why did they not issue a 3.3.1 and advertize it on their site instead of 
silently putting a date-stamped zip file like this?

Looking at this page again, I see at the bottom of the page that it's 
version 3.3. *released Feb 2nd, 2007* ... it seems that there have been 
several releases of 3.3... and I had not noticed that the first time I 
went there.  :(

Daniel Morissette

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