[Gdal-dev] Converting HDF5 to GeoTiff

YISAK SULTAN yisaksultan at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 1 17:50:36 EST 2007


I am trying to convert a file in HDF5 format to GeoTiff format. But I am having a problem in using gdal_translate and gdalinfo in accessing the subdataset in the HDF5 file. After running the command on my HDF5 file ( gdalinfo HDFTese.h5), the name of the subdataset I want to access is written out as 

SUBDATASET_0_DESC=[480x480] //image/data (8-bit integer)

So I tried to access this dataset by typing HDF5:"HDFTest.h5"://image1/data as in

gdalinfo  HDF5:"HDFTest.h5"://image1/data 
gdal_translate  -of  GTiff  HDF5:"HDFTest.h5"://image1/data  HDFTest.tif

Unfortunately I get this error message for both commands and the program crashes

szFilenname HDFTest.h5

Can anyone please help me out with this problem. I desperately need this to work.


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