[Gdal-dev] .dbf file getting deleted

vdharan nadra vdharan2001 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 02:50:57 EDT 2007


I want to delete features from a shape file. When i try repack after
deleting the features, the .dbf file it self is getting deleted.

When i trace down the repack function, i could find that in
ogrshapelayer.cpp VSIRename(.....) returns OGRERR_FAILURE.

/* -------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/*      Cleanup the old .dbf and rename the new one.                    */
/* -------------------------------------------------------------------- */

    DBFClose( hDBF );
    hDBF = hNewDBF;

    VSIUnlink( CPLResetExtension( pszFullName, "dbf" ) );
    if( VSIRename( oTempFile, CPLResetExtension( pszFullName, "dbf" ) ) != 0
        return OGRERR_FAILURE;

Iam calling the delete feature and repack as follows
poDS->ExecuteSQL("REPACK myshapefile", NULL, NULL);

Please suggest me some solution.

Best Regards,
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