[Gdal-dev] RFC 10: OGR Open Parameters

Andrey Kiselev dron at ak4719.spb.edu
Wed Mar 14 09:01:27 EDT 2007


On Tue, Mar 13, 2007 at 10:37:07AM -0400, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> I am also wondering if we ought to take this opportunity to put the
> "shared" flag into the regular open call, rather that offering it via
> a distinct method/function.

Good point, I have updated the RFC. Now OGROpenSharedEx() function has
gone, because it functionality moved to OGROpenEx().

> I also think that the proposal should address updates to the OGR
> utilities - ogrinfo and ogr2ogr - to support open options.

Ok, let it be '-dsco' parameter: "Dataset Open Option".

> I also wonder if we should have a way of describing the available open
> options to the application - something similar to what we do with
> creation options.

You mean similar to how it is done in GDAL? I think we can describe both
creation and open options that way, but in first of all the format of
option description should be specified somewhere. Do we have a
specification for CREATIONOPTIONLIST metadata format?

> Ultimately, I am not entirely keen on the approach because it will add
> a substantial amount of complexity for applications wanting to allow a
> user to open a dataset with full generality.
> I wonder if an alternative to the auxilary options list would be a
> more standardized way of encoding auxilary options into the dataset
> name.  Standard quoting rules, delimeters and so forth.

I do not like this approach because it is inconvinient and complex as
well. Also sometimes it may be needed to pass significant amount of
additional data along with datasource URL. I think that open option
approach actually is more simple and more flexible.

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Andrey V. Kiselev
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