[Gdal-dev] How to custom my "Projected Coordinate Systems" in OGR

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Mar 15 11:46:53 EDT 2007

ÚO½¨Ã÷ wrote:
> I use the class in ogr_spatialref.h to build a system with graphic UI to 
> fulfill corrdinate system transformtion,
> But i find the *.csv files in $GDAL_DATA$ is hard to extend or to add a 
> new customed coordinate system to it.
> I know that i can call statements like following to  complete this 
> task,but how do i store this configuration to these csv files?then next 
> time user can only call it by ImportFromXXX() function.
> -------------
>  oTargetSRS.SetProjCS( "XIAN80 Albers" );
>  oTargetSRS.SetWellKnownGeogCS("EPSG:4610");
>  oTargetSRS.SetACEA(27,45,0,105,0,0);
> -------------


The .csv files are primarily intended for EPSG coordinate systems,
so it isn't really appropriate to extend them manually.

But you can add your own custom dictionaries in a manner similar
to gdal/data/cubewerx_extra.wkt.  These dictionary files consist
of lines with a short name, a comma and then the WKT definition of
the coordinate system.

You can reference such a definition from SetFromUserInput() and
programs that use that function (such as s_srs, a_srs, t_srs
for gdal_translate, ogr2ogr and gdalwarp) using the form:

  gdal_translate  -a_srs DICT:cubewerx_extra.wkt,41001

Programmatically you can use the importFromDict() method on
the OGRSpatialReference.

To get the WKT from an OGRSpatialReference, for appending to the
dictionary file, you can use the exportToWkt() method.

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