[Gdal-dev] Motion: Migrate from Bugzilla to Trac

Howard Butler hobu at iastate.edu
Mon Mar 19 11:51:35 EDT 2007

After some discussion about it in IRC, here's a list of advantages to 
Trac that we could come up with over bugzilla:
- Integration of source code, wiki, and bugs.  You can refer to 
changesets/bugs/etc in wiki, commits, etc and the linkages happen 
automatically.  For example, it a bug report you could say "in 
r10000, hobu made a bonehead mistake" and r10000 would be a link to 
that changeset in the source where it happened.  Everything is more 
accessible by having it all in the same place.
- Trac brings the source code more front-and-center to the project. 
Instead of being "that weird cvs thing that only the developers use," 
trac allows us to use the code to demonstrate in the wiki, commit 
messages, and changesets.
- We get a wiki.  Low impedance, user-contributed content, here we come :)
- RSS feeds of activity
- Sane milestone and roadmap stuff (if we were to decide to use it)
- OSGeo SAC already maintains a number of Trac instances.  One less 
separate thing on a separate server to maintain.
- The opportunity for writing or using existing plugins for things 
like buildbot, doxygen, etc is greater.

There may be others, and I hope some Trac users will come forward 
with the things I've missed.


At 10:09 AM 3/19/2007, Daniel Morissette wrote:
>Could someone summarize the benefits of Trac over Bugzilla that 
>justify this migration? Or are we migrating only because that's what 
>OSGeo uses?
>Howard Butler wrote:
>>Frank, Mateusz, and I have been working on a Trac instance to go 
>>along with our Subversion repository.  It currently lives at 
>>http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal .  The bugzilla dump of this incarnation 
>>is about two weeks old, so don't get too comfortable with it yet, 
>>as there will be at least one more iteration once we decide to make the move.
>>I have been tweaking the migration scripts to attempt to get things 
>>behaving how we'd like.  I think I have things about as far as we 
>>can go in any sort of automated way.  I would like folks to look 
>>over the Ticket migration and compare to some equivalents in 
>>Bugzilla and confirm that things are behaving as they should.  If 
>>you find something, please email the ticket id(s) to me, and I will 
>>collate them and see what we might be able to do as part of the 
>>automated migration.
>>I propose that we let the example stand for a week, and if the PSC 
>>is in agreement and there aren't too many awful artifacts from the 
>>automated migration, we complete the migration next weekend (Mar 23-24).
>>Here's some ticket listings:
>>Gdal-dev mailing list
>>Gdal-dev at lists.maptools.org
>Daniel Morissette
>Gdal-dev mailing list
>Gdal-dev at lists.maptools.org

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