[Gdal-dev] Motion: Migrate from Bugzilla to Trac

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Mar 19 13:32:41 EDT 2007

Howard Butler wrote:
> After some discussion about it in IRC, here's a list of advantages to 
> Trac that we could come up with over bugzilla:
> - Integration of source code, wiki, and bugs.  You can refer to 
> changesets/bugs/etc in wiki, commits, etc and the linkages happen 
> automatically.  For example, it a bug report you could say "in r10000, 
> hobu made a bonehead mistake" and r10000 would be a link to that 
> changeset in the source where it happened.  Everything is more 
> accessible by having it all in the same place.
> - Trac brings the source code more front-and-center to the project. 
> Instead of being "that weird cvs thing that only the developers use," 
> trac allows us to use the code to demonstrate in the wiki, commit 
> messages, and changesets.
> - We get a wiki.  Low impedance, user-contributed content, here we come :)
> - RSS feeds of activity
> - Sane milestone and roadmap stuff (if we were to decide to use it)
> - OSGeo SAC already maintains a number of Trac instances.  One less 
> separate thing on a separate server to maintain.
> - The opportunity for writing or using existing plugins for things like 
> buildbot, doxygen, etc is greater.
> There may be others, and I hope some Trac users will come forward with 
> the things I've missed.


 From my point of view, using Trac for FDO and general OSGeo stuff for
several weeks now, I'm quite partial to the integration of Trac tickets
with subversion as Howard has noted above, as well as the fact that Trac
is now integrated with the OSGeo LDAP so that we can use the same userid
database for subversion and Trac (and other things).

Technical benefits aside the main value is that it is the modern, OSGeo
support technology.  I was a skeptic last summer and fall when Howard was
promoting the idea.  But having used Trac a bunch this winter I'm very
happy with it as a bug database.  I'm excited about finally having a light
weight wiki.  And I'm confident that I can maintain the database (something
I never had personally with bugzilla).

It is my intention to use the milestones extensively once we are migrated.
I never really got much out of the bugzilla milestone support.

I will say that one core issue for me was always preservation of our bug
history.  This migration would likely have been a non-starter if Howard
didn't have this script to carry out bug history over, including preserving
the original bug id's.

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