[Gdal-dev] SetLocalCS() binding?

Richard Matsunaga richard.matsunaga at waypointinfo.com
Tue Mar 27 16:19:16 EDT 2007

Coincidentally, I had the same question myself today. In my case, it came up
because I am taking the spatial reference from a GDAL datasource and setting
it in an OGR datasource.

To do so is a little funky - get a wkt string from GetProjectionRef() from
the GDAL Dataset, then create a OSGeo.OGR.SpatialReference from the wkt
string. I guess this has always been the case with GDAL and OGR?

Also, why is there a GetProjection() and GetProjectionRef() on the Dataset
class, both returning strings? There seems to be only one such method in the
C API (GDALGetProjectionRef).


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> While I'm here, what's the difference between 
> OGR.SpatialReference and OSR.SpatialReference? Why are there 
> two such similar namespaces?
> Cheers!
> Simon

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