[Gdal-dev] SetLocalCS() binding?

Simon Perkins sy at perkins.net
Tue Mar 27 15:43:34 EDT 2007

Can someone clarify for me the purpose of the "local" coordinate system 
which appears in the OGR API docs? I'm guessing this is for user-defined 
special purpose projections?

In dealing with layers that don't have any georeferencing, I'm looking 
for a convenient place to put a tag saying whether the coordinates in 
the layer have the y-axis running up vs. down the screen. One 
possibility I'm considering is to define a local coordinate system for 
these layers and store the tag there.

Using the C# bindings, I thought I could just do something like:

OGR.SpatialReference ref = new OGR.SpatialReference("LOCALCS[\"MAP\"]") 

and then call things like


However, that doesn't seem to work - the latter still returns false (or 
rather 0 - but shouldn't we have bools here?).

I then turned to the SetLocalCS() method, but the bindings for that 
don't seem to exist. Is adding them just a question of adding the 
appropriate line to the SWIG ogr.i file, using the SetProjCS() entry as 
a template? How do I then retrieve the name of the local coordinate 
system? Using GetAttrValue("LOCALCS")?

While I'm here, what's the difference between OGR.SpatialReference and 
OSR.SpatialReference? Why are there two such similar namespaces?



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