[Gdal-dev] SetLocalCS() binding?

Simon Perkins sy at perkins.net
Tue Mar 27 19:10:21 EDT 2007

Tamas Szekeres wrote:
> When the user would like to use the SpatialReference class along with
> the OGR classes the OSGeo.OGR.SpatialReference should be used. If
> someone would like to use solely the osr functionality it would be
> enough to use the osr_csharp.dll and the classes within the OSGeo.OSR
> namespace. However, I consider that the latter is rarely used.


Does anyone else ever get the feeling that we (well, OK, Tamas, mainly) 
put so much effort into tweaking SWIG to produce a decent C# interface 
that it would have been easier just to maintain a manually created set 
of C# bindings?

Just kidding. Maybe... :)



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