[Gdal-dev] SetLocalCS() binding?

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 19:51:49 EDT 2007

2007/3/28, Simon Perkins <sy at perkins.net>:

> Does anyone else ever get the feeling that we (well, OK, Tamas, mainly)
> put so much effort into tweaking SWIG to produce a decent C# interface
> that it would have been easier just to maintain a manually created set
> of C# bindings?


Actually it takes 1-2% of extra work customizing the created interface
as compared to creating it from scratch. Having proper typemaps and
methodology dramatically shortens the task of adding new interface
elements at a later phase. Doing the same with the hand made C# api
would require to bother with reimplementing similar functionality

In the aforementioned particular case it was not a big deal to
slightly alter the compilation process when compiling the OGR related
stuff. Moreover this approach is much more logical since the
spatialreference is part of the ogr project and we have no separate
osr project to be handled separately.

I can always see a significant benefit in applying a well constructed
source code generator in a particular project. I provides a feasible
way for the implementor having to deal with only the application
specific parts of the implementation.

In the future - possibly - this appspecific part of the implementation
will also be created by softwares results in a number of unemployed
programmers on the ground.  ;-)

Best regards,


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