[Gdal-dev] Fwd: plate carree to latlon projection problem

Kolberg Sjur A Sjur.A.Kolberg at sintef.no
Mon Sep 17 12:39:15 EDT 2007

Have you got your ellipsoids right?
If one of your ellipsoids (commonly the one used with Plate-Carree) is a
sphere, and you ignore that in converting to geographical latlong
(presumably based on WGS84), errors up to nearly 20 km will occur
(latitude dependent). These errors are in the N-S direction, E-W is
usually OK. This effect is beyond projection, latlong/sphere to
latlong/WGS84 gives equally long offsets. Try using cs2cs and specify
ellipsoids for both input and output,
It is only when one of the ellipsoids is a sphere you get these large
errors, otherwise the error is much smaller.
See also Frank Warmerdam's answer on June 7th on gdal-dev: 
(Re: [Gdal-dev] Does GDAL handle rotated spheres?)
Best regards,
Sjur K :-)

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Hello Everybody,

I am using gdal for a couple of year now and I am very satisfied with
But now i have a problem with reprojecting from and to plate
I have data in plate carree and I need to reproject to latlon but i
there is an offset between the results and other data that already in
I have also used Erdas Imagine 9.1 to do the reprojecting but i get a
different results then from gdal. The results from Erdas are beter then
from gdal

After testing it with a worldwide dataset. I found that the offset is
almost 0 at (0,0) to several km around Brittian. Is there a problem with
the reprojection using plate carree or do you use a different wgs84 then

I am using gdal from fwtools 1.3.6

Best Regards,
Jaap Knoops

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